Expert Witness Services

$250 personalized letter for existing patients
$6500 + travel and expenses:  trial prep and one day of testimony

Most of the time a medical cannabis recommendation letter from Dr. Lucido can help avoid legal troubles before they start. He is the doctor that your lawyer wishes you had seen in the first place.

Dr. Lucido can serve as an expert witness in your judicial case. He has many years of cannabis experience, which is recognized by several counties in the Bay Area that have Dr. Lucido on approved witness lists. He can also help by writing a legal letter for a patient that justifies their use of cannabis medication, whether it be justification for the medical condition, or justification that the quantity is appropriate for the patient’s use. Often times a recommendation letter from Dr. Lucido accompanied by a specific legal letter are enough to resolve the case. For Dr. Lucido to serve as an expert witness we block a full day on his schedule. He will need to have communication with your attorney in advance, so he can be prepared to answer questions to the best of his ability.


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