Adult Use Cannabis (Non-medical, Recreational, Responsible Use)

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Recreational cannabis is now legal in California, What does this mean for the medical cannabis patients? Please take a look at our FAQ’s to find out more about patient rights.

1) Now that it’s legal, do I still need a doctor’s recommendation for cannabis?
Yes, if you need to buy cannabis, possess or transport more than an ounce of flower / eight grams concentrate, grow more than six plants, or are under the age of 21. Recreational cannabis is only legal for persons 21 and older. Cultivation and possession are legal but you will not be able to buy recreational cannabis until after the licensing process for retail permits begins in January of 2018. Patient’s cannabis rights are NOT changed by legalization. If you have any concerns about work place drug testing, it’s encouraged that you have a medical recommendation.

2) So if it’s legal, can I buy it at the dispensary and gift it to my friends?

No, this is called diversion. Dispensary licenses require that they ban members from diverting medical cannabis to non-members.

3) Do I have to get a state ID card?
No, a state ID card is not required. It’s optional. If a patient has a valid State issued ID card they will not be required to pay county sales tax on their medicine purchased at dispensaries. They will have to pay some tax. Law enforcement officials recognize the state ID card. The state ID cards are issued through your county health department. If you register for a medical cannabis card through the state, than you are barred from owning a gun.

4) Where do I get the state ID card?
Patients must register with their County Health Department to apply for the State ID card. Most offices are by appointment only and have a website through the County’s Public Heath Department web pages.

5) What is legal right now?
For non-medical cannabis patients over the age of 21 it is legal to possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis and 8 grams of concentrate. It is legal to have a home garden with up to 6 plants. Transporting and giving away up to 1-ounce/8 grams is now legal. Patient’s rights for amounts to grow and carry are protected by Prop215 and SB420. Legalization of recreational does not change patient’s rights.

6) What about people under 21?
For anyone under 21 they need to become a medical cannabis patient to use cannabis legally.

 7) Is smoking in public now legal?
Public consumption is not legal for anyone, even patients. That’s not new, nothing’s changed about public consumption, you can still be fined for consuming cannabis in public.


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