Primary Care

Primary Care Fees:

First Visit: $300

Follow up appointments: $150

Primary care is your appropriate first point of contact with the health care system.  It also constitutes your regular source of care on an ongoing basis.  

Primary care providers:

  • Focus on you as a whole person;
  • Promote and maintain your good health;
  • Prevent disease, disability, and premature death;
  • Detect and treat common health problems;
  • Educate and counsel you and your family;
  • Refer you to other providers when appropriate;
  • Collaborates with you to coordinate and manage all your health care, including care from specialists, social service agencies,and others;
  • Lower your health care bills by detecting an illness early and initiating treatment before it becomes more serious; and
  • Enhance your ability to function well and maintain a high quality of life.

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Our physician, Dr. Frank Lucido, looks at medical, social, and psychological factors affecting health and can manage the entire range of primary care services, including physical exams, medication, immunizations, and routine pregnancies.  Dr. Lucido can care for everyone in your family and recognize problems that arise from the family system. And he can deliver care over the years, working with you from childhood to adulthood through old age.

Our family nurse practitioner, Maria Mangini, assess patients’ physical condition, diagnoses and treats common illnesses and injuries, educates patients in ways to promote health and prevent disease, prescribes medication and other therapies, and coordinates care.  Maria specializes in women’s health and has a particular interest in end-of-life care.  She and Dr Lucido share responsibility for our primary care patients.


Why we don’t accept insurance:

Your primary care physician should be available for you to see within a reasonable amount of time, and should actually spend time with you.  Too often in our country’s medical system, doctors will spend less than 10 minutes with patients and then order excessive testing or medications instead of properly evaluating and listening to their patients.  This troubling trend is fueled, in large part, by insurance companies that make decisions based on financial considerations, rather than for the benefit of their customers.  As a result, our office stopped accepting any insurance.

Why our office is good for you:

  • Access to medical professionals that you can trust. We pride ourselves on being nonjudgmental and respectful of all our patients and their personal lives. Feeling comfortable disclosing information to your physician is critical for successful healthcare. Here, you will never be met with rejection or derision, only compassion and understanding.
  • Medical professionals that know you.  We hold ourselves to the absolute highest standards of care, and so our providers go to great lengths to get to know their patients.  Having a healthcare provider that knows you and your history saves you time and helps ensure nothing is being missed.
  • Annual screenings are very important.  Annual physicals provide good opportunities to catch potential problems early. Warning signs of a variety of diseases can be identified through a physical examination, and being able to identify risks can help you and your practitioner develop the most appropriate plan for staying healthy.


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