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I’ve been practicing primary care medicine in Berkeley since 1979, and I’ve seen significant changes to the medical system over the past 35 years.  My main priority has always been the health and safety of my patients, but I found it becoming more and more difficult to provide quality services to patients in the modern legal/insurance world.

Dr.Frank and Maria Mangini PhD,FNP hard at work.

Dr. Frank Lucido and Maria Mangini PhD,FNP hard at work in their Berkeley office.

I decided to stop accepting insurance and to implement a model that prioritized prevention and well-being by maximizing the time I can spend with patients and encouraging them to contact us at will with any concerns.  This model is a variation of Direct Primary Care.  Patients are allowed unlimited visits throughout the year; I don’t want my patients weighing cost vs. the likelihood of a serious problem if they experience something troubling. It provides me with extra freedom in scheduling as well, ensuring patients can be seen when they need to be seen.  Additionally, I don’t have to give advice based on whether insurance will reimburse the treatments.

The purpose of a Primary Healthcare Provider is to be the main coordinator of your care.  They can provide preventative care, support for on-going conditions, and will be familiar with your medical history when new problems arise.  If you have to see a specialist, your primary care provider will work with the specialists to ensure your being cared for throughout the process.  Obviously, for all of this to work well you need a good relationship with your physician. I feel that our current model of service allows me the most time and opportunity to get to know my patients and what makes them happy and healthy.

Nurse Practitioner Maria Mangini PhD FNP joined my practice in 1994, and brought her extensive background in women’s healthcare to our services.  We share a commitment to primary care that is patient-centered, comprehensive, team-based, coordinated, non-judgemental, accessible, and focused on quality and safety.

We’ve tried to keep our prices affordable and with yearly membership plans starting at just $50/month, I feel proud to be offering an affordable and effective alternative model of care for my patients.

** It should be mentioned that many insurance companies will reimburse a percentage of fees paid out of pocket.  Please ask my staff if you have any questions about this.**

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