Michelle Aldrich & Jim Squatter: Pioneers of Medical Cannabis

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Michelle and her husband Mike Aldrich have been cannabis pioneers since way before Prop 215 in 1996.

I will focus on Michelle today, because she gave us some of the earliest feedback (both kudos and suggestions) on the Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act of 2012 about two weeks ago:

“I do like it. Yes, it is simple, just the way it should be. I have one question about …”

Her support and feedback made me feel especially good because of the esteem in which I hold her.

Michelle and Mike were instrumental in getting the first EVER marijuana initiative on the California State ballot, (or on ANY ballot!!) in 1972. That initiative was coincidentally also called “Prop 19”.

Michelle is currently:

• Member at San Francisco Medical Cannabis Task Force

• Member Board of Advisors at Patients Out of Time

• Treasurer at California NORML, with CaNORML since 1978

• Past-President, Co-Founder at AIDS Prevention Action Network

• She was Vice President at Amorphia in the 1970’s, which made Acapulco Gold rolling papers. (Apparently, the assets of that company became the funding for the 1972 election initiative, and the organizational structure contributed to founding NORML).

AND she and Mike have been my friends for these 15 years since the passage of Prop 215 in 1996.


Jim Squatter
Jim made our day when he emailed back:

” I think it’s just about perfect. In fact one of the best efforts I’ve ever seen in written form for potential legislation”.

It turns out that ALL FIVE of the co-proponents of the RCPA of 2012 know Jim!

Now that I think about it, Pebbles and I are activists first, so of course we would know Jim. The other 3, Joe Rogoway, Bill Panzer, and Omar Figueroa are all attorneys. Real actionists (Activists with the emphasis on “actions”) tend to know lawyers and other activists.

I have known Jim since 1991, when I first went out to the Nevada Test Site (NTS), for the civil disobedience at the gates of the NTS. He knows first-hand about living collectively, being part of Seeds of Peace when I met him, and knows Prop 215, SB420, and not-for-profit collectives backwards and forwards.

He also knows about performing civil disobedience when necessary.

My experiences at the Test Site, with the likes of Jim, and other activists, like Dan Ellsberg, led me to activism/actionism, and the experiences I wrote about on my blog 1/17/11:

Civil disobedience vs civil obedience: when is each appropriate – Crossing the line, and knowing where the line is.

Jim has been my friend since 1991, and legend has it that he taught Michelle Shocked how to squat.



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