10 Tips for New Medical Cannabis Patients

1) How much money should I bring? The prices of products vary by dispensary as well as the form of the product (i.e. flower, tincture, edible, topical). Products can range from $20-$100. But in [...]


Adult Use Cannabis (Non-medical, Recreational, Responsible Use)

Recreational cannabis is now legal in California, What does this mean for the medical cannabis patients? Please take a look at our FAQ’s to find out more about patient rights. 1) Now that [...]


Non-judgmental Primary Care: Focused on Quality and Safety

I’ve been practicing primary care medicine in Berkeley since 1979, and I’ve seen significant changes to the medical system over the past 35 years.  My main priority has always been [...]


Thank you for Joining Us for our Annual Open House

Our 2015 Open House &  Garden Party was meaningful fun and easily our biggest yet!  It’s always nice to be able to spend time with our patients and friends outside of business hours, [...]


Join us for our 4th Annual Open House

Summer is back in the Bay and that means its time for another Open House and Garden Party at Dr. Lucido’s office! Join Dr. Lucido, Nurse Practitioner Maria Mangini, PhD, and their staff on [...]


Dr. Lucido’s Marinol Prescription Policy

Dronabinol (brand name Marinol) is a synthetic form of THC, the main psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis.  Marinol is a legal pharmaceutical pill.  I have prescribed it on several occasions but [...]


Relaxed Federal Enforcement of Cannabis

Over the past two years we’ve seen a major shift in the way federal officials are treating cannabis.  From recent Department of Justice memos regarding marijuana issues in Indian Country to [...]


Medical cannabis for children: Revised American Academy of Pediatrics policy

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently revised their policies regarding medical cannabis.  While they remain opposed to legalizing cannabis for recreational purposes, they advocate for [...]


Dr. Lucido Seeing Patients in Michigan May 20th, 2015

If you would like to schedule an appointment with me while I’m in Michigan, please call my office at 510-848-0958 or fill out our appointment request form on our website. When Michigan [...]


Implementation of the Compassionate Use Act in a Family Medical Practice

This piece was originally written in 2003 & subtitled at that time: SEVEN YEARS CLINICAL EXPERIENCE Clinical medicine, as I have experienced it during a quarter century of practice, is a [...]

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